Baobab Oil ( 1 oz.)
Baobab Oil ( 1 oz.)

Baobab Oil ( 1 oz.)

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Baobab oil is so valuable that people come from all over the world to get the oil that comes from the Baobab tree. Often referred to as “The Tree of Life”, baobab oil is full of anti-oxidants that are known to slow down the aging process.

Made in Zambia, Baobab Oil is used to:

•Moisturize dry skin

•Heal eczema and psoriasis

•Reduce signs of aging

•Heal stretch marks and scars

•Improves skin tonE

•Can also be used as a hair conditioner, hot oil treatment, cuticle conditioner, and soap making.  

Please review the chart to see which oil is best for your skin type.


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